martes, 26 de marzo de 2013

My kind of thing

Me duele la panza y no puedo parar de llorar. Antes de que se crean que pasó algo malo, les aclaro que es por la risa. Y quiero compartir esto con alguien pero no se me ocurre quién podría compartir este sentido del humor. Les juro, nunca jamás me reí tanto con un post, y hacía mucho que no me reía así siquiera en la vida real. Son los posibles títulos, enviados por lectoras del blog Mommy Shorts, para la biografía de una madre. Javi se asustó de verme reir de esa forma. Capaz ando medio desequilibrada, no sé.

24 Hilarious Momoir Titles: Reader Edition
"It Gets Easier"
& Other Lies Parents Tell You

By Lisa
Give Me The iPad & Get Out of The Dog Crate:
Toddler Rearing at Its Finest

By Arielle
Where's My F*cking Village?!:
Raising Kids Away From Extended Family

By Ashley
One Red Sock Will Turn the Whole Load Pink
By Mary
Oh, Dear God, It's Everywhere! 
The Blow-outs You Never Saw Coming
By Felicia
I Only Had Time to Shave One Armpit
By Michelle
Thanks for the Mammaries:
A Postbreastfeeding Mother's Reflections on her Journey from B's to the High of D's, all the way Back Down to Tennis-ball-in-tubesock A's
By Kande
Why Some Animals Eat Their Young
& Other Things Motherhood Has Taught Me

By Amy
Is it Bedtime Yet?
(It's 8 O'Clock Somewhere)
By Leah
Please Stop Poking Me With That:
Seriously. Why is someone ALWAYS touching me?

By Amanda
Joining the PTA:
Evening Escape Plans to Avoid Bedtime Bedlam

By Heather
Preschool, Pinterest, and Prozac 
(Not Necessarily in that Order)
By Stephanie 
Wipe Me
By Mel
"Stop Putting Stickers on Your Vagina":
& Other Things I Never Expected to Say Out Loud
By Jaclyn
Adult Conversation:
Because I Haven't had Any in Three Years

By Asia
Starch:The Only Food Group
By Katie
No Amount of Bleach Will Ever Get Rid of that Pee Smell: 
Things No One Tells You About Raising Boys
By Terra
Finger Through the Wet Wipe
By Kerry
"Where is the Damn Tupperware Lid?"
& Other Life Altering Questions

By Brit 
Sometimes I Hide in My Car
By Oluwatosin 
Don't Sit on the Bottom of the Slide:
Rules for Life
By Alicia
"I Would Never Do That To My Kid":
All the Crap I Said When I was Stupid, Self-righteous and Sans-children

By Messy
No, We Are Not F*#@%ing There Yet!
By Suzy
Duct Tape & Tequila: Mommy's Little Helpers
By Michelle 

Viene, como dije, de Mommy Shorts; acá el link al post. 

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